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Powder Finishes

KustomKoating offer a number of different paint finishes

  - Aeromax
  - Metallicís
  - Assorted Colours
  - Sparkles 
  - Candy Colours

As a licensed user, Aeromax offers a new highly reflective mirror like finish, it can only be applied to metal   
but leaves an amazing polished aluminium finish. 

What Aeromax offers is a cheaper alternative than conventional chroming/polishing but achieves the same 
results, the unique lacquer finish means that there will be no tarnishing or re-polishing.

Aeromax has been developed by Aerocoat Ltd 

Shotblasting is used to prepare surfaces for painting, it is used to remove old paint, rust, etc, and as long 
as the process is done correctly the paint finish should be of the highest quality.

Components are inspected then masked (if required), the team will contact you regarding any problems at 
this stage, after Shotblasting the component is further inspected to insure that the surface is fully clean, 
otherwise any oil residual or dirt can compromise the finished job.

Shotblasting correctly achieves the best surface adhesion which improves longevity of the paint finish; this 
is why we at KustomKoating perform several inspections before any paint work is carried out.
Anti-Corrosive Protection

KustomKoating supply a number of anti-corrosion solutions which insure that the component is protected 
against the harshest of environments.

Using an anti-corrosion solution will protect the investment that you had made in getting a high quality paint